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Avoid the Heat With our Refreshing SPRAYCOOL Systems.

A SPRAYCOOL misting system, can turn your outdoor or semi outdoor areas into cool comfortable entertainment areas, making them also attractive and profitable areas for your business. They are ideal for outdoor patios, restaurants, verandahs, gazebos etc. They are also ideal for placing around the perimeter of a pool deck.


If you have been looking for the perfect way to beat the South African heat, a cooling system from SPRAYCOOL is the perfect answer. Contact us today to learn more!

When ultra fine water droplets are introduced into the atmosphere through misting nozzles, they quickly absorb the energy present in the environment and boil off (evaporated).The energy (heat) that is used to produce this state change from liquid to gas is eliminated from the atmosphere; hence the air is cooled by the process called Evaporative Cooling.