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GY-Series Fruit Penetrometer


The GY Penetrometer has 4 models: GY-1, GY-2, GY-3 and GY-4 which are to measure the hardness of apples, pears, strawberries and grapes, etc. It is a suitable instrument for fruit companies, Fruit farms, fruit research institutions to test the ripeness of fruits. With Compact size, low weight and ocular reading, it is suitable to use on the scene. It also can be applied with its matched test stands to improve the accuracy


Model GY-1 GY-2 GY-3 GY-4
Capacity 2-15kg/cm²(x10⁵pa) 0.5-4kg/cm²(x10⁵pa) 0.5-12kg/cm²(x10⁵pa) 1-24kg/cm²(x10⁵pa)
Resolution 0.1kg/cm² 0.02kg/cm² 0.1kg/cm² 0.2kg/cm²
Pressure Diameter ∅3.5mm ∅3.5mm 1#∅11.1mm 2#∅7.9mm
Accuracy ±2%
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Dimention L 151*W55WH30 (mm)
Weight About 0.2kg
Pressure Depth 10mm